Hey Gorgeous,

Thanks for checking out Suck Less Face & Body! FYI: SUCK LESS is scientifically designed for those looking to suck less. Thus the name, duh. Here's the deal, we all suck a little bit. Maybe our brow game is off... your lips might be flat... You get it! But now thanks to SUCK LESS' line of lashes, lip varnishes and glitter gellies with names like, "Blueballs’’, “Party Girl Lash” and “Puss Lip Varnish" you have an abundance of ways to shine! Designed for everyone — boys, girls, they, thems and everybody in between — SUCK LESS has even be used by naturally glamorous folks like, Heidi Klum, Nicole Byer and Paris Hilton, not to mention the world's top drag performers. Our feelings here at SUCK LESS is that makeup is for everyone, especially people that live on the edge and aren't afraid to take chances! So the next time you're heading out to a party, or a club or to your mom's house for lunch, splash some glitter on that face! Glue a lash down! Put some color on your lips and suck less with SUCK LESS Face & Body! Ok?

Stay gorgeous and tag us in your photos! #sucklessfaceandbody